Many College Students Abuse Study Drugs, Risk Addiction

By Staff Writer

Many students who are faced with heavy workloads toward the end of the school year consider taking medications commonly used to treat conditions like attention deficit hyper activity disorder in order to help them focus. However, experts warn that this practice could be setting young people up for an addiction that requires help from rehab programs.

“When it comes to crunch time for finals, people have a lot of studying to make up,” Brian Stocks, a University of Oregon student who is prescribed the drug Adderall for concentration, told local news station KVAL. He added that he has been asked by fellow students several times for his pills.

However, the news source points out that taking Adderall without a prescription can lead to potentially serious health consequences. The Food and Drug Administration warns that the medication can cause cardiovascular complications, difficulty sleeping and addiction. This is because the pills are loaded with stimulants that should only be used by those with a diagnosable medical condition.

More than 6 percent of college students admit to using Adderall for non-medical purposes, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.