Mark Wahlberg Quit Smoking Marijuana For His Kids

Many individuals struggle with drug addiction, and celebrities often find themselves dependent on illicit substances as well. Drug rehab programs can help addicts detoxify, but many people are successful in quitting cold turkey.

Mark Wahlberg is one example of an individual who took it upon himself to address his drug issues, according to E! Online. Recently, the actor publicly opened up about his former dependency on marijuana.

The illicit substance has become a mainstream drug that is used in both Hollywood and small towns across the country. Experts say that marijuana has grown popular among children.

When he recently accepted the Variety Indie Impact award at the Palm Springs Film Festival, Wahlberg made a comment about the trophy, jokingly referencing marijuana. Following the acceptance, the actor elaborated on how he has quit using the drug for his children. Wahlberg says he now spends his weekends in church, as opposed to partying.

More than 20 million Americans admitted to using illicit substances within a 30-day period in 2006, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Family Services. Drug rehab programs can help individuals detoxify over time.