Actress Kirsten Dunst Shares Depression Rehab Experience

Approximately 18 million Americans suffer from a depressive disorder every year, according to the Uplift Program, a statistics site. Rehabilitation facilities may help individuals who are suffering from depression, and celebrities have been known to seek guidance from substance abuse treatment centers as well.

Recently, actress Kirsten Dunst spoke about her experience at a rehabilitation facility in BlackBook magazine. Dunst told the news source that she checked herself into a Utah rehab center two years ago after a long battle with depression. The media speculated that she had been admitted for drug and alcohol addiction. However, Dunst opted to play a character in the upcoming movie, All Good Things, who struggles with the same depression issues she experienced. The actress hopes to shed light on her personal triumph over the disorder.

“I know what it’s like to lose yourself, to no longer know the difference between right or wrong,” Dunst told BlackBook. “I was ready to play something like that.”

More than 41 percent of women who are suffering from depression are embarrassed to seek treatment, according to the Uplift Program. Success stories may help encourage individuals to find help at rehabilitation facilities.