Millcreek Behavioral Health

(501) 222-1623
  • Facility Type

    • Residential Dual Diagnosis Facility
  • Ages Treated

    • Children (Ages 5-12)
    • Adolescents & Teenagers (Ages 13-17)
  • Disorders & Addictions Treated

    • Behavioral Disorders
    • Developmental Disorders
    • Mental Health Disorders
  • Levels of Care

    • Therapeutic Day Treatment/School (TDT/TDS)
  • Services Provided

    • Family Therapy
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About Millcreek Behavioral Health

Intermediate Care Facility

The intermediate care facility for individuals with developmental disabilities (ICF/IDD) is a long-term program that provides specialized training and developmental programming to children, adolescents, and young adults (ages 6-21) who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. IDD may experience functional deficits in learning, self-care, communication, self-direction, socialization, mobility, and the capacity for independent living. The youths in this program live in community-based group homes, which provide a typical living environment and enhance their opportunities for success.

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

The psychiatric residential treatment facility (PRTF) consists of 10 cottages, located on two campuses, where each child and adolescent has the opportunity to address key issues with the care and support required to promote success. Most individuals are referred following outpatient treatment or stabilization in an acute care setting. The PRTF functions under a medical model, takes a multidisciplinary team approach to treatment, and works to reunite children with their families. The treatment experience includes individual, family, and group therapies, a structured milieu, and special activity-based therapies. We also provide therapeutic school services. Specialized consultation services with outside professionals are also available to meet medical, neurological, psychological, dental, pharmacological, and other treatment needs.