Lakeland Behavioral Health System

(417) 221-4854
  • Facility Type

    • Acute Inpatient Hospital
  • Ages Treated

    • Children (Ages 5-12)
    • Adolescents & Teenagers (Ages 13-17)
    • Seniors (Ages 65+)
  • Disorders & Addictions Treated

    • Behavioral Disorders
    • Memory Disorders
    • Mental Health Disorders
    • Mood Disorders
  • Levels of Care

    • Detoxification
    • Inpatient
  • Services Provided

    • Behavioral Therapies
Photo of Lakeland Behavioral Health System

About Lakeland Behavioral Health System

About Lakeland Behavioral Health System

Lakeland Behavioral Health System, which is located in a historic building in Springfield, Missouri, provides personalized, age-appropriate mental healthcare for children, adolescents, and seniors. Our services for children and adolescents include inpatient care and residential treatment, along with an accredited academic program and specialized support for dependent children of active-duty and retired military members. Treatment for older adults at Lakeland Behavioral Health System occurs at the inpatient level only. Every patient completes a thorough assessment and follows a personalized treatment plan. Depending on need and level of care, this plan may include basic medical care; medication management services; individual, group, and family therapies; and various experiential therapies.

What Makes Lakeland Behavioral Health System Different?

Each child, adolescent, or senior who receives care at Lakeland Behavioral Health System benefits from personalized planning, comprehensive services, and age-appropriate programming. Our inpatient programs feature acute, short-term care to promote stabilization so that our patients can return home or step down to a lower level of care. At the residential level, we provide long-term treatment and focused educational support to empower young people to make sustained progress. All services are customized according to the age, needs, and developmental level of each person who is entrusted to our care.