TV and Film Star Honored for Raising Awareness of Addiction and Mental Health

By Staff Writer

Hollywood is generally more likely to glorify drug use rather than an individual’s efforts to seek substance abuse treatment or avoid unhealthy behaviors altogether. However, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration will soon honor those writers and directors who hold up sober living as a positive example.

This year’s Voice Awards will be held at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles and feature appearances by Peter Krause of “Parenthood,” Sandra Oh of “Grey’s Anatomy” and Elmo from “Sesame Street.”

“SAMHSA is grateful to the writers and producers of these stories for bringing national attention to the plight and courage of people with behavioral health conditions and their families,” said Pamela Hyde, an administrator with the group. “The outstanding works we honor can have a profound impact and advance public understanding of mental illnesses and addictions.”

She added that the types of productions being recognized support a positive image of mental illness and addiction, which may make it easier for individuals who struggle with these problems to seek the help they need.

The ceremony will also honor mental health workers who have led efforts seeking greater inclusion of those with mental illness.