Study: Smoking May Cause Increased Pain in Cancer Patients

By Staff Writer

Following a cancer diagnosis, many smokers feel as though they have nothing to lose, and therefore continue to use tobacco. However, a new study has found that these individuals may benefit from substance abuse help to eliminate their nicotine addiction, as smoking worsens pain for cancer patients.

Researchers from Texas A&M University surveyed a group of 224 cancer patients who were being treated for a range of disorders. Participants were asked questions about the severity of their pain and the degree to which it impacts their lives.

The results of the survey showed that cancer patients who smoked were significantly more burdened by pain. They reported significantly more severe pain and also said that this pain interferes with their daily lives more than individuals who don’t smoke.

The researchers said that oncologists should try to do more to convince their patients to seek substance abuse help to quit their tobacco addictions. In fact, they said that smoking cessation should be among the top goals for physicians treating cancer patients.