Study: Many Individuals Have a Difficult Time Unplugging

By Staff Writer

Internet addiction is growing in prevalence, and users may begin to show many symptoms that are similar to drug abusers, according to a new study from University of Maryland researchers.

The Unplugged Global study asked participants to go 24 hours without using a cell phone, Internet, television or iPods. The researchers said that the goal of their investigation was to measure the degree to which modern individuals have become dependent on information.

They found that many of the participants began to show signs of withdrawal after only a short period of time. The Globe and Mail report that individuals became fidgety and restless. The silence became difficult for some to handle.

The researchers told the news source that their findings show how reliant society has become on technology, most of all information sharing tools like the Internet. They termed the inability to live without a constant flow of news Information Deprivation Disorder.

Individuals who have a difficult time unplugging themselves from information networks may be dealing with Internet addiction. They may benefit from seeking substance abuse help to eliminate their problem.