States Consider Measures to Help Addicts Recover

By Staff Writer

It may seem that celebrities who are able to beat their addiction and return to a healthy lifestyle are given second chances. However, average addicts may feel that they are treated more harshly by their communities even after successfully completing drug rehab treatment.

A group of lawmakers in New Jersey are working to change this perception by making it easier for individuals who have been convicted of nonviolent drug offenses to earn their way out of jail and back to a healthy, productive life, the Gloucester County Times reports.

The Earn Your Way Out of Prison and Into Supervision, Treatment and Recovery Program would give regular addicts the second chance that many in the public eye receive. Those who make genuine efforts while in prison to kick their drug habits and live sober will have their sentence reduced by two years and receive support from drug rehab services.

The news source reports that the bill has received support because it would reduce prison spending, save the state’s taxpayers money and help more addicts recover.

Other states, including Massachusetts, Utah, and California have enacted similar measures to help individuals convicted of nonviolent drug offenses kick their habit and re-enter society.