States Battle Gambling Addiction

By Staff Writer

Where once Nevada was the sole bastion of legal gambling in the U.S., many more states have moved in recent years to allow casinos and other types of establishments. This has left some lawmakers scrambling to find ways to provide help for individuals who have developed gambling addictions.

In Pennsylvania, which began allowing casinos and slot machine parlors in 2004, lawmakers are currently considering a bill that would force these establishments to mail win/loss statements to individuals who have signed up for frequent gambler cards, according to Philly Burbs. These statements would inform players of the amount they have lost.

Republican Representative Paul Clymer told the news source that the proposal would help individuals see the impact of their gambling habits and perhaps encourage more of them to try to control the amount that they wager.

The number of people who seek help from drug rehab facilities for gambling addiction has increased over the past few years. In fact, a recent study published in the Journal of Gambling Studies indicated that the problem may actually be more common than alcoholism.