State Works to help Gambling Addicts End Their Habit

By Staff Writer

While most states are currently considering cutting back on addiction treatment programs due to difficult financial circumstances, others are working to launch new innovative programs that help addicts recover.

For example, the California Office of Problem Gambling recently announced the formation of a new program to help gambling addicts seek treatment, according to the North County Times. The initiative provides individuals who cannot control their wagering with up to eight sessions with trained psychiatrists free of charge.

Officials told the news source that programs like this are desperately needed because gambling addicts are often unable to access drug rehab and mental health services through the same channels as other individuals. The disease can cost individuals their jobs and with their health insurance. Because their savings are likely depleted, it can be difficult to pay out-of-pocket for treatment.

By spending a little on programs like this, states may be able to reduce their costs over time. The National Gambling Impact Study Commission recently estimated that the addiction costs the nation about $5 billion annually.