Starbucks Supports Youth Programs

Through the Starbucks Foundation, local Starbucks cafes across the country award funding for at-risk youths and safety-oriented programs.

Funding is provided through the foundation’s Youth Leadership and Leaders in Diversity grant programs. Priority is given to nonprofits that reach underserved communities and communities of color.

Grants are also directed to nonprofits that create model nontraditional-learning environments, are directly engaged in service delivery, and demonstrate program sustainability. Leaders in Diversity grants are awarded to nonprofits with programs, such as conflict-resolution and violence-prevention, that help to teach youth the value of societal diversity.

Grant amounts range from $5,000 to $20,000. In 2003, the foundation awarded $616,065 to 70 organizations.

For nonprofits in the Seattle, Wash., area, where the company’s headquarters are based, Starbucks provides funding to violence-prevention programs through its Seattle Hometown program. The Starbucks Neighborhood Park Grants program also provides $100,000 in Seattle to create safe gathering places in the community.

For all grant programs, Oct. 1 is the deadline for applications this year, with April 1 and Oct. 1 the ongoing deadlines from year to year. Application information and guidelines are available on the Starbucks Foundation website.