Soros Justice Fellowships

The Open Society Institute will award a total of 14 Soros Justice Fellowships in three categories: justice advocacy, senior fellows, and media.

Six Soros Justice Advocacy Fellowships will be given to individuals working in community organizing, law, public health, public policy, and other disciplines. These fellowships include a stipend of $37,500. Four Soros Justice Senior Fellowships, which include $60,000 stipends, will be given to individuals with 10 or more years experience for one-year projects to raise awareness of criminal-justice issues. And four Soros Justice Media Fellowships will be given to professional journalists to improve media coverage of criminal-justice issues; these fellowships include $35,000 stipends.

Applications are due Sept. 22.

For more information, see the program website or contact Nidia E. Cordova-Vazquez, OSI, U.S. Justice Fund, 400 West 59th St., Third Floor, New York, NY 10019; 212-548-0170; e-mail: