Smoking Rates Continue to Drop

By Staff Writer

Thanks in part to legislative and educational efforts, experts report that the number of smokers may be decreasing. This could have a major impact on the respiratory health of millions of Americans and significantly reduce the number of people who seek substance abuse treatment for their addiction.

The Minnesota Heart Survey found that the number of smokers in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area decreased by half from 1980 to 2009. Additionally, the number of individuals who had ever tried a cigarette decreased significantly, which researchers said indicates that fewer people are picking up the habit.

The survey’s authors said that people with more education were much less likely to begin smoking or to continue the habit, which may indicate that public awareness campaigns can play an important part in curbing smoking. They said that further efforts should be made to reach those with less education.

When people are aware of the dangers of smoking, they may be more prepared to enter rehab facilities to help them eliminate their habit. This could help further reduce the rates of smoking in the U.S.