Sex Addiction Continues to be Misunderstood

By Staff Writer

While much of the media has been busy pointing the finger at the recent spate of public figures who have been caught in sex scandals, some experts are saying that the phenomenon is calling attention to the problem of sex addiction, a condition that affects more than just celebrities and politicians.

Confessions of sex addiction are often met with scepticism and the belief that putting a name on the disorder is simply an effort to excuse infidelity. However, author and sex addiction expert Stephanie Carnes told Reuters that the problem is actually quite devastating to individuals and their families.

She said that many people often express that if they were going to have an addiction, they would choose sex. However, statements like this show a lack of understanding of how destructive the condition can be.

Carnes told the news source that individuals who struggle with sex addiction frequently lose their families, their jobs, their financial security and respect in the community. She said that these are things no one should want.

The researcher Eric Hollander proposed in a 1997 paper that sex addiction actually shares many characteristics of the obsessive-compulsive disorder.