Sex Addiction Becomes More Common Diagnosis

By Staff Writer

After being thrust into the spotlight by several high-profile celebrity cases, many drug rehab and mental health facilities are saying that the number of people who seek treatment for sex addiction is increasing at a staggering rate.

One Australian sex therapist told the Courier Mail that these highly-publicized cases have helped more people admit to their problems. Before, most sex addicts were worried about the reaction they would receive from telling their loved ones about their problems.

However, it now seems more acceptable than ever to admit to being a sex addict. This has had a positive impact on individuals’ willingness to seek treatment for their condition.

Another rehabilitation specialist told the news source that the number of patients her facility treats for sex addiction used to be roughly one every two months. However, since awareness of sex addiction has grown, that number increased to around 24.

Sex addiction is not currently recognized as a mental illness by the American Psychiatric Association. However, the group is working to revise its diagnostic manual, which could lead to the inclusion of sex addiction.