Addiction Risk In Women Caused By A Number Of Factors

By Staff Writer

A woman’s family situation can have a major influence on her addiction risk and the likelihood that they will develop depression, according to a new study from a team of University of Michigan researchers.

They found that women whose partners struggle with addiction are significantly more likely to develop the condition themselves. Additionally, women who have children that are sad, withdrawn or isolated are more likely to struggle with depressive symptoms themselves.

The researchers arrived at these conclusions after studying a group of 273 women for a period of 12 years. They were trying to measure the degree to which family life, neighborhood factors and family history affect a woman’s addiction risk.

The findings show that the factors compelling a woman to addiction or mental illness are more complex than previously thought. The researchers said that earlier scientists believed that either genetic factors or environment are responsible for these behaviors. However, the new study suggests that it is an intricate combination of the two that can result in addiction and depression.