Researchers Develop Relapse Prevention Application for iPhones

By Staff Writer

Struggling in your relapse prevention efforts? There’s an app for that.

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin are currently testing the effectiveness of an iPhone application that they designed, according to the school’s news site. It is intended to connect individuals who are working to overcome drug addictions to one another.

The investigators will soon launch two studies to test the long-term effectiveness of this approach on individuals who have been arrested for criminal drug charges. The studies will compare the success rates of addicts who use the app to those who undergo traditional drug rehab treatment.

The researchers told the news source that recovering addicts may have the wisdom to share with other drug users who are just starting on the road to recovery. This may increase the chances of eliminating bad habits.

The concept of having addicts help one another in their battle to avoid drug use is not a new one. In fact, a recent study published in the journal Alcohol Treatment Quarterly found that alcoholics who provide emotional support to other addicts are almost twice as likely to remain sober. Additionally, the individuals who received help were found to be more likely to quit.