Rehab Program Adopts Alternative Approaches

By Staff Writer

In recent years, many researchers looking to improve addiction treatment have focused on developing new medications that end a person’s cravings. However, a growing number of rehab programs are moving toward more alternative methods of therapy.

For example, one California-based rehab facility recently began offering a wide range of treatments that include aromatherapy, acupuncture, yoga classes and amino acid therapies. These alternative treatment approaches have been shown to deliver promising results for those who struggle with cocaine addiction and other forms of chemical dependency.

Officials from the facility said that they are trying to get away from addiction treatment methods that require medications. They said that they want their patients to get past the notion that they should take a substance – whether illicit or prescribed by a doctor – in order to feel good.

The group does offer more traditional approaches like talk therapy and medical intervention when necessary. However, they believe that offering patients these alternative options may deliver better addiction treatment results and help a greater number of individuals reclaim healthy lives.