Quitting Smoking Improves Mood

By Staff Writer

Individuals may have a lot to gain from seeking substance abuse treatment to help them eliminate their tobacco habits. In addition to reducing the risk of cancer and other health complications, a new study has found that quitting smoking improves mood.

Many smokers believe that cigarettes help stabilize their mood. They can become cranky and irritable when they can’t smoke. However, the findings of the new Brown University study indicate that smoking takes a tremendous toll on mood, which quitting may alleviate.

For the study, researchers assessed the mood of more than 200 individuals who were trying to quit. They gave participants standardized questionnaires used to assess symptoms of depression before the smokers quit and then several times following their quit date.

They found that individuals who successfully quit showed fewer symptoms of depression than those who were unable to eliminate their habit. Researchers said that results were the clearest among individuals who quit temporarily.

The findings indicated that individuals’ mood significantly improved during the time that they were smoke free, but worsened after they returned to smoking.