Problem Gambling is More Common Than Alcoholism, Study Finds

By Staff Writer

Despite the fact that so much attention is paid to the problem of alcohol addiction, considerably more people in the U.S. suffer from gambling addiction, according to a new study from the University of Buffalo.

The researchers said that their findings are provocative given the fact that gambling addiction is most often described as rare. However, they believe that their results show that the problem is much more common that previously believed and underscore the need for more people to seek therapy from drug rehab facilities.

Gambling addiction was previously thought to mostly affect teenagers. However, after surveying groups of adolescents and adults, the researchers found that addictions that develop during the teen years can persist well into adulthood. They showed that the prevalence of the condition is significantly higher than previously thought and comparable to the pervasiveness of alcoholism.

The researchers also noted that gambling addiction was most common among people of lower socioeconomic status. These individuals may benefit from seeking treatment from drug rehab facilities if their betting gets out of control.