New Lottery Games May Encourage Gambling Addiction

By Staff Writer

Playing the lottery may seem like an innocuous ritual. However, experts are increasingly saying that this form of gambling – especially when individuals wager on scratch tickets and other forms that deliver instant results – may result in dangerous addictions that require help from rehab facilities to eliminate.

One state in the Southeast recently launched a new lottery game that delivers this type of instant gratification. The ticket offers prizes of up to $3 million, but addiction treatment specialists are saying that it opens doors that could lead to destructive dependencies, according to Fox 13 of Tampa Bay.

Valerie McClain, a local counselor, told the news source that the game is similar to drugs, in that it provides its users with a quick fix and alleviates anxiety. These benefits increase the chances that buying a ticket will become a compulsive habit.

Compulsive gambling is described as a progressive illness which can never be cured completely, according to Gamblers Anonymous. However, the group says that the problem can be brought under control with a desire to stop the behavior and the help of counseling from addiction treatment centers.