New Gambling Technology Sets Players Up For Addiction

By Staff Writer

With state lawmakers moving to legalize casino gambling in locations across the country, many experts are raising concerns over the increased risk of gambling addiction, particularly with the many new options available to players.

For example, the Cleveland Plain Dealer recently highlighted some of the risks that new generations of slot machines pose to individuals. The latest devices have entrancing flashing lights and nearly continuous options to wager, which may encourage individuals to play until all their money is gone without even realizing it.

The news source reports that many people feel like they are in a trance when they are in front of these updated slot machines, and that some prefer the feeling to actually winning.

Experts from the Rhode Island Hospital say that this inability to stop gambling until every penny is gone and the feeling of a rush from betting are two of the surest signs of addiction.

Given the fact that several states, including Ohio, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, have recently legalized casino gambling or are considering such a move, these types of slot machines could have a major impact on many people’s lives. Those who are unable to stop gambling may benefit from rehab programs.