New Addiction Shines Light on Gambling Addiction

By Staff Writer

Sports gambling addiction is a growing problem in many parts of the country. To combat this issue, public agencies are launching campaigns designed to raise awareness and to help individuals who struggle with the issue to seek therapy from drug rehab facilities.

For example, the Florida Council on Problem Gambling recently announced that it will begin a new effort next week to target individuals who struggle with uncontrolled sports betting. The campaign is timed to coincide with the recognition of the national Problem Gambling Awareness Week.

Recovering gamblers say that the year-round availability of sports makes it hard for someone with a gambling addiction to take a break. Additionally, many betting companies have moved to the internet, which gives people from any part of the country an easy way to place wagers.

The condition can have a devastating impact on individual and their families. Many gambling addicts end up resorting to crime to fund their habit or dig themselves into a mountain of debt, which their families often have to repay.

The Florida campaign seeks to identify individuals who may be heading toward this fate before they encounter serious consequences. Officials said that they would urge anyone who struggles with uncontrolled urges to place bets to seek help from drug rehab facilities.