Misconceptions Allow Addiction to Flourish

By Staff Writer

Despite tremendous efforts and large sums of money aimed at fighting prescription drug abuse, the problem continues to rage in many parts of the country. Some experts say that this is due in large part to misconceptions surrounding the issue.

Shawn Clusky, who has seen all sides of the problem, first as an addict and now as a mentor, told the Lexington Herald-Leader that most people think addicts are either poor or come from unsupportive families. While these factors can contribute to an addiction, they are not the only ones.

“A lot of times people believe a drug addict comes from poverty,” he told the news source. “Nine out of 10 of the guys I partied with came from millionaire families. Their parents didn’t use, they had good families.”

He added that educating all people about the dangers of addiction while providing drug rehab treatment for individuals who are already dependant on prescription medications is the only way to stem the rising tide of drug users.

While addicts are more likely to come from a lower socioeconomic background, the National Institute on Chemical Dependency reports that addiction can just as easily ensnare more fortunate individuals as well.