Many Drug Addicts Have Other Issues

By Staff Writer

Cocaine addiction and other forms of chemical dependency are often thought of as bodily reactions to certain drugs. Accordingly, many addiction treatment programs work to help people overcome this physical component of substance abuse. However, experts say that this only addresses part of the issue.

Stanton Peele, who has written several books on a substance abuse, recently wrote on the website of the Huffington Post that video game addiction and pornography addiction prove that a dependency can form in the absence of any chemical. This means that other processes must underlie habitual drug use.

He wrote that psychological factors more often contribute to addiction than any physical dependency, and addressing these issues may be important in delivering effective drug rehab program therapy.

Helping people to fill the gaps in their lives that turned them toward substance abuse may be among the most effective strategies in addiction treatment, Peele added.

Mood disorders are a common cause of addiction. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration states that many people who suffer from these mental conditions also abuse drugs, highlighting the need to address mental issues before tackling chemical dependency.