Man Hospitalized for Treatment of Video Game Addiction

By Staff Writer

In this age of omnipresent technology and the ability to constantly stay connected to family and friends, addiction to the Internet and videogames has grown into a nationwide problem. Individuals occasionally require help from addiction treatment centers to end their problem and regain a normal life.

The issue of videogame addiction became so bad for one Hawaii man that he has resorted to suing the manufacturer of a popular game.

Craig Smallwood, of Ewa Beach is seeking reparations from the makers of “Lineage II,” claiming that his addiction to the game caused him to be unable to get up in the morning, dress himself, bathe and continue contact with family and friends, according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. He claims that the game’s manufacturer failed to warn him of the dangers of addiction.

The news source reports that Smallwood was hospitalized for three weeks and has since sought therapy from an addiction treatment center to help rid him of his dependency.

Videogame addiction is becoming a more common problem across the country, as WebMD says that it can become a compulsive, psychological disorder.