Majority of Male Drug Addicts Abuse Their Partners

By Staff Writer

Helping a male friend or family member who is addicted to drugs find substance abuse help may do more than just improve his life. It may help his partner, as well.

A new study from University of Granada researchers found that up to 60 percent of male drug addicts admit to abusing their spouses. This includes both physical and psychological violence.

For the study, researchers surveyed 153 men who were seeking treatment from drug rehab facilities. All of the participants used either heroin, alcohol or cocaine.

Mental abuse was far more common than physical violence. The most typical response was that participants totally disregarded their partner’s needs, wishes and interests. Up to 21 percent of men said that they had been physically abusive to their spouse.

While almost 80 percent of these relationships ended in separation, the researchers said that a large portion of participants said that they would likely get back together with their partner. This could be dangerous, as individuals who have shown a pattern of abuse are unlikely to change their behavior.