Legal Substance May Actually Contain Illicit Drugs

By Staff Writer

The risks associated with cocaine addiction and other forms of illegal drug use are well established. However, many new products are being sold over the internet that claim to offer users a legal high. While the abuse of these substances is increasing, a new study has found that many products do not contain the ingredients they claim to, and that many even contain illegal substances.

Herbal incenses and chemically altered bath salts are the latest products to be ingested recreationally. Their marketers claim that the substances offer a similar intoxication to marijuana and cocaine, respectively, but the new findings from University of Lincoln researchers indicate that the high may be more unpredictable.

After purchasing several products sold legally and analyzing their chemical makeup, the researchers found that many do not contain the active ingredients they claim to. Additionally, five of the samples tested actually had the chemical benzylpiperazine, which produces effects similar to amphetamine and is banned in the U.S. and UK.

The researchers said that abuse of these drugs could be a backdoor gateway to using illicit substances. This could eventually lead to addiction that requires help from addiction rehab centers.