Internet Addiction Grows Faster Than Some Offline Dependencies

By Staff Writer

Internet addiction is growing at a rapid rate, particularly when it comes to social networking sites. A recent survey of search engine queries found that more people are looking for answers to Facebook addiction than for some more traditional forms of dependency.

The analytics company Internet Time Machine recently reviewed search engine queries, blog entries and forum postings from all corners of the internet. They found that more people are talking about Facebook addiction than sex addiction. Additionally, their results showed that many people are concerned about email and general Internet addiction.

The company’s founder, Curt Dalton, said that the findings show that there is currently a lack of options for individuals seeking help for Internet addiction. Rather than talking to their doctors, they are consulting online sources in their search for answers to their problems.

Behind Internet addiction, other types of dependency, including alcohol, Oxycontin and heroin, also ranked highly in the company’s analysis. Dalton said that he hopes more people will seek substance abuse help for these problems so that he can one day report searches for these terms are down to zero.