Internet Addiction Affects Growing Number of Youths

By Staff Writer

As computers and mobile devices become more ubiquitous in today’s culture, internet addiction is a growing concern among many parents. More than ever before, moms and dads are voicing their concerns that their children are missing on many important aspects of life because they are unable to step away from their computers.

A mother from New York recently told local NBC affiliate WNYT that her son, who was recently sent to a drug rehab and addiction treatment facility, would be on the computer at all hours of the day and that this began to impact his social life.

“He stopped socializing with friends. He stopped socializing with family. He started lying. We caught him in lies, a lot. He started failing in school,” she told the news source.

It was at this point that the family decided the boy would need expert help. He is now working towards recovery.

While internet addiction is currently not recognized as a disease by the medical community the way that heroin or cocaine addiction is, it can have many of the same effects. The American Psychiatric Association is considering whether to include it in the upcoming edition of the Diagnostics and Statistical Manual.