Experts Warn “Haul Videos” Encourage Shopping and Internet Addiction

By Staff Writer

A new form of addiction that combines reliance on the internet and compulsive shopping is emerging. Experts warn that this addiction could leave individuals with massive credit card bills and crippling debt unless they seek help from addiction treatment centers.

Fox 25 of Boston recently reported on a new phenomenon known as “haul videos.” In this new fad, which is mostly popular among teens and twenty-somethings, individuals make a video of themselves showing off new purchases and post it to a video site like YouTube.

However, some addiction specialists warn that this type of behavior encourages excess spending and can contribute to both internet and shopping addiction.

The news source reports that one girl recently dropped out of high school to produce haul videos full-time. She has since done videos with celebrities and debuted music clips on her page.

One expert told CBS New York that both internet and shopping addiction can be difficult to break without treatment. Additionally, suicides have been linked to excessive debt among some shopping addicts.