Growth in Internet Access is Fueling Sex Addiction

By Staff Writer

While sex addiction may not be a new problem, experts say that the growth of the internet has fueled a rise in the number of individuals who experience this problem, as indicated by an increase in people who seek help from rehab facilities for sex addiction.

The internet has opened up a range of avenues for individuals to pursue sexual relationships. Those who may have been vulnerable to sex addiction in the past but were denied an outlet for their desires can now connect with a willing partner with the click of a mouse.

A Madison-based psychotherapist told the Wisconsin Law Journal that estimates have indicated that as many as 70 percent of individuals who develop sex addiction report initially having problematic online sexual behaviors.

She added that parents who have internet-related sex addictions may be putting the health of their children at risk. By spending excessive time online, parents may begin to neglect their families. Additionally, pursuing many sexual relationships may bring children into contact with people who may pose a threat.

Sex Addicts Anonymous says that many people who suffer from the condition are powerless over their behavior, similarly to those who are addicted to drugs. The group recommends that anyone who believes they struggle with sex addiction seek treatment from a rehab facility.