Group Seeks to Dispel Myths About Nicotine Addiction

By Staff Writer

Many people refer to smoking as a habit, putting it in line with other lifestyle choices like hitting the snooze button each morning or leaving the toilet seat up. However, one group is calling for individuals to stop using the word habit and start calling tobacco use by its rightful name – an addiction.

The Ontario Lung Association says that when people call smoking a habit, they diminish the seriousness of tobacco addiction. By putting it in league with other lifestyles choices, smokers may have a hard time justifying seeking addiction treatment.

However, the group says that calling tobacco use an addiction shows recognition of the fact that willpower alone is seldom enough to help a person quit smoking. Extensive efforts are often needed to break the addiction.

Officials from the group believe that overcoming the myths associated with tobacco use could help inspire more people to seek addiction treatment. Putting smoking on the same level as other types of addiction may help raise awareness of the problem.

The effort may have to start with tobacco users, as the group cited statistics showing that these individuals are the least likely to consider smoking an addiction.