Grants Help States Fund Addiction Treatment Programs

By Staff Writer

Many individuals who need substance abuse treatment the most never get it. According to the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), only 10 percent of the nearly 23 million people who would benefit from treatment ever receive any type of therapy.

In an effort to help more individuals who struggle with addiction access the treatment they need, SAMHSA recently distributed a round of grants to state agencies. These funds will help local groups reach out to a greater number of patients and provide assistance that may help them improve their lives.

For example, a state in the Northeast was granted $13 million from the program, according to the Litchfield Register Citizen. State officials said that the funds would be used in substance abuse treatment programs that help addicts find housing, employment, transportation and other services.

The news source reports that another $3.7 million has been awarded to state mental health agencies, which could help individuals who have co-occurring conditions.

The SAMSHA says that many states have addiction treatment and mental health programs in place that could be effective. However, they often suffer from budget cuts and underfunding.