Girls with ADHD May Be More Prone to Addiction

By Staff Writer

Doctors and rehab program professionals have known for some time that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder increases a person’s chances of developing a chemical dependency. However, a study indicates that gender may also be an important factor.

After studying a group of more than 1,500 young people throughout their teen years, researchers from the University of Helsinki found that ADHD was more common in boys. However, the condition was more predictive of addiction in girls.

Boys who were rated by their teachers and parents as being impulsive were also more likely to later experience addiction.

The findings are important, the researchers said, because it has long been assumed that all young people with ADHD were at a greater risk of chemical dependency. However, the new information could help parents and healthcare workers more accurately predict these problems in children at younger age, allowing for earlier interventions.

The team said that preventing young people from developing addictions early on in their lives could be important in helping children transition into adulthood and build successful lives.