Gambling Addicts May Struggle in the New Year

By Staff Writer

Gambling addicts frequently face tremendous challenges at the beginning of each new year. There are many factors that can jeopardize their relapse prevention efforts, including the stress of holidays and a number of prominent sporting events, which may be an attractive subject of wagers.

Rehab experts in Wisconsin recently told local CBS affiliate WSAW that they get many calls for help from gambling addicts during this time. In fact, the state’s Council on Problem Gambling reported that 14,000 addicts sought services in 2010, the majority of which occurred within the first few months of the year.

Additionally, the report says that the average gambling-related debt of addicts who sought help was $44,000. The number underscores the importance of seeking rehab treatment for anyone who is having trouble controlling their betting.

Estimates have indicated that anywhere from 2 to 5 percent of the population may struggle with gamblingaddiction. Gamblers Anonymous says that these people are unlikely to recover from the problem if they do not seek rehab treatment.