Gambling Addicts May Have Trouble Holding Back During the Super Bowl

By Staff Writer

While millions of sports fans will gather this weekend to watch the Super Bowl, the stakes will be particularly high for some individuals. The Big Game often means bigger bets for those who suffer from gambling addiction.

One Virginia-based substance abuse help specialist said that problem gamblers often have difficulty resisting wagering on a major event like the Super Bowl. Often, these individuals will make even larger bets than normal due to the gravity of the event.

He said that friends and family members should keep an eye for signs of gambling addiction in their loved ones. These symptoms may include talking about betting, using cigarettes or alcohol more frequently, barrowing excessive amounts of money and displaying irritable moods.

Anyone who displays these symptoms is urged to seek substance abuse help before their problem becomes worse. While the Super Bowl offers friends and family a fun reason to gather and cheer on their team, it also provides a dangerous outlet for gambling addicts.