Communities Work to Assist Pathological Gamblers

By Staff Writer

Gambling addiction continues to become more common in many parts of the country, with some researchers recently suggesting that pathological betting is now more common than alcoholism. In order to combat the problem, many communities are working to provide these individuals with access to rehab programs.

For example, lawmakers in Kansas recently instituted a program that provides mental health services to gambling addicts, which experts say has already helped scores of people overcome their dependence, according to the Topeka Capital-Journal.

Rehab program workers told the news source that the brains of gambling addicts operate in much the same way as individuals who are hooked on cocaine or other hard drugs. This is why providing professional treatment for these people is so important. They are unlikely to overcome the addiction on their own.

Funding for the Kansas programs comes from proceeds generated at state-owned casinos, and it treats upwards of 50 patients per year.

Gamblers Anonymous says that pathological gamblers are unlikely to fully recover to the point where they can place wagers normally. With treatment, however, they may be able regain a normal, healthy lifestyle.