Gambling Addiction May Be Associated with Other Forms of Substance Abuse

By Staff Writer

Uncontrollable urges to gamble can be destructive on their own. However, experts say that many compulsive gamblers also suffer from cocaine addiction and other forms of chemical dependency. Unless these individuals seek addiction treatment, these issues may compound their problems.

The New York Daily News recently highlighted this problem by printing an email from a woman who said her husband used to go on gambling binges in which he also abused alcohol and drugs and slept with other women. The woman was initially aware that her husband gambled to excess but the revelation of substance abuse came as more of a shock.

The article goes on to cite a recent study out of Argosy University, which suggested that one out of every three people in a rehab program for chemical dependency also have a history of compulsive gambling.

Given the fact that all types of addiction, whether chemical or otherwise, are the result of similar chemical processes in the brain, it may not be that surprising that compulsive gambling is associated with other forms of dependency.