Foundation Starts Training Program in Addiction for New Physicians

By Staff Writer

Physician training on addiction issues is frequently incomplete or otherwise insufficient, and experts say that this plays a role in the high prescribing rates for, and subsequent addictions to, pain medications.

As part of an effort to reduce the burden of prescription drug addiction, the American Board of Addiction Medicine Foundation recently announced the launch of a new fellowship program that will provide doctors-in-training more education on dealing with addiction.

The program will be offered at several universities and will give physicians additional training the specifics of substance abuse disorders, addiction behaviors and the challenges of treating co-occurring conditions.

Dr. Kevin Kunz, president of the Foundation, said that the establishment of the program could play a major in combating the rising rates of prescription drug abuse, and prepare more doctors to handle these types of situations when they arise in their future careers.

The first graduates of the fellowship will finish their schooling in the summer of 2012, and program officials said that they expect these medical professionals to have an immediate impact on the delivery high-quality addiction care.