Federal Funding Enhances Addiction Research

By Staff Writer

Thanks in part to a set of grants from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, researchers from one Texas-based university are continuing the search for potential cures for chemical dependency. The findings of their investigations may one day improve the ability of drug rehab programs to help addicts stay away from harmful substances.

With the help of a nearly $4 million grant, researchers from the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center will soon begin studying the effects of adding a physical exercise or health education component to standard drug rehab programs. They believe that this treatment approach could have positive long-term effects for individuals who abuse stimulants like cocaine or methamphetamine.

Another study being considered by the team involves using web-based tools to enhance relapse prevention efforts. This may provide addicts with another source of emotional support during the recovery process.

The researchers said that this type of study is important. While current substance abuse help programs are effective at helping individuals eliminate their addictions, there is still progress that can be made. The federal funding will go a long way toward making the study a success, the lead investigator said.d