Families Should Be Involved in Recovery Process, Experts Say

By Staff Writer

While family members often play key roles in a drug user’s addiction, most people don’t know very much about chemical dependency. This interferes with their ability to support their loved one as they progress through addiction treatment. Additionally, it makes it harder for family members to change behaviors that may be contributing to the drug user’s addiction.

This is why Jonathan Ross, who operates a drug rehab program in Texas, says that family members need to be involved in the recovery efforts of their loved ones. Rather than just shipping their son or daughter off to a rehab facility, parents and other members of the family need to take part in counseling sessions and learn what they can do to support the recovery process.

Often times, an individual turns to drugs or alcohol to fill a void in their life. This hole could be caused by a poor relationship with a loved one. Repairing this relationship may play a key role in helping the addict recover from their dependency.

Ross added that when families are able to talk openly and honestly to one another it helps the addict overcome the shame and guilt that they likely feel due to their substance abuse.