Facebook Addiction Interferes With College Students’ Performance

By Staff Writer

As more people use a computer to connect to the world, addictions to the internet and its services are becoming more common. In some cases, this can have damaging effects on students’ performance, according to a recent study from Dutch researchers.

Psychologists from the Open University in the Netherlands found that U.S. college students who use social networking site Facebook the most tend to have lower GPAs than those who do not visit the site, according to the Daily Mail.

After surveying 219 college students, the team found that Facebook users had an average GPA of 3.06 while those who never used the site had GPAs of 3.82

The researchers told the news source that the problem is mainly a question of multitasking. Young people generally think that they are able to successfully study while they have Facebook open, the TV is on and they are sending text messages. However, the brain does not generally perform well under these circumstances.

While the American Psychiatric Association has yet to recognize internet addiction as a mental illness, there are many drug rehab and mental health facilities that currently treat the condition.