Experts Recommend Long-Term Rehab Treatment

By Staff Writer

Relapse prevention is a long process for many drug and alcohol addicts. Even after trying drug rehab, some have a difficult time staying sober. For this reason, some experts say that more long-term treatment options are needed.

A Texas-based recovery specialist said that most programs last 30 days. However, he believes that this is not adequate for all people. Some patients need more care beyond this initial month-long period. Sending an addict back to the world too early may be setting them up for failure.

He said that the high rate of relapse is largely due to inadequate periods of treatment. Some people seek rehab treatment many times before they are able to live their lives clean and sober. Treating people for however long it takes them to fully recover is the key.

Many drug treatment centers offer extensive follow-up therapy after the initial 30-day in-patient component. This ongoing contact with the patient helps them remember strategies for avoiding temptations and remaining sober. This may significantly improve their chances of avoiding future drug use.