Expert Refutes Calls to End War on Drugs

By Staff Writer

In recent months, representatives from across the political spectrum have called for an end to the War on Drugs. Some have even advocated for the legalization of many street drugs, including marijuana and cocaine. However, experts believe that this could lead to higher rates of addiction and force more people into drug rehab programs.

William Bennett, a fellow at the Claremont Institute and former director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, wrote on the website of CNN that legalizing hard addictive drugs would likely make addictive substances more available to children, which could create a future generation of addicts.

He wrote that keeping children off of drugs is the best way to prevent addiction in the future. Additionally, he cited evidence suggesting that one of the main reasons children, for the most part, avoid drugs like heroin and cocaine is because they are illegal and young people are worried about getting in trouble.

A recent report from the Global Commission on Drug Policy referred to the War on Drugs a total failure, citing the high number of people in prison for illegal drugs possession and the violence it has prompted in drug-producing countries.