DSM May Recognize Sex Addiction

By Staff Writer

In recent years, sex addiction has grown in prominence, propelled into the spotlight by several high-profile celebrity cases. However, there was considerable debate over whether the condition was considered an actual addiction.

The American Psychiatric Association may be getting set to weigh in on the subject, as the Daily Mail reports that the organization is giving serious consideration to including sex addiction in the upcoming edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, which is considered the authority on mental disease.

Experts told the news source that sex addiction is characterized by uncontrollable and unquenchable urges to engage in sexual activity. Drug rehab and mental health facilities have seen increasing numbers of patients with these symptoms in recent years.

The current addition of the manual references sex addiction and a few characteristics of the condition, but does not recognize it as an independent disorder. This may change when the new edition is released in 2012. Regardless, drug rehab facilities continue to treat people who struggle with uncontrollable sexual appetites at higher rates than ever before.