Drug Addiction is More Common Than Most People are Aware

By Staff Writer

Drug addiction is a pervasive problem in America, but many people have misconceptions about substance abusers. However, experts say that the popular image of a troubled young person lacking in morals is simply inaccurate.

Brea Duke, a mother from Georgia who is currently working to overcome her own addictions, told the Times Herald that even soccer moms can be addicts and that understanding this point could bring the topic of substance abuse into the forefront of many family discussions, helping more individuals seek addiction treatment.

“It’s in everyone’s family, someone you know is dealing with addiction, but we don’t talk about it much,” she told the news source. “It’s an uncomfortable topic, so we sweep it under the rug.”

She is currently working to bring greater awareness to the problem of drug addiction and to help more families deal with these issues in a more constructive manner.

The chances that a person knows someone who is struggling with a drug addiction and is in need of rehab treatment are much better than most individuals are aware of, according to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service. Up to 45 percent of Americans know someone with a drug problem.