Diagnosing Sex Addiction Can Present Challenges

By Staff Writer

Last year, several high-profile celebrities brought sex addiction out into the light and helped bring recognition to the issue. However, millions of people struggled with the problem for years. Now drug rehab and mental health facilities are getting swamped with requests for sex addiction treatment.

Yet there are still many issues that lie between treatment providers and potential patients who believe they have a sex addiction. First, the condition has yet to gain recognition among the mental health establishment as an actual condition. The American Psychiatric Association is currently considering whether or not to add sex addiction to Diagnostic and Statistics Manual.

Furthermore, diagnosing the condition is complicated by the fact that it can be difficult to distinguish between uncontrollable urges and a normal, healthy sex life, columnist Dennis Romero wrote in an editorial in the Los Angeles Times.

“One problem with identifying sex addicts is that everyone has sex and that it’s a basic human urge,” he wrote. “Alcohol or cocaine abuse is not – at least not normally.”

Treatment providers must weight these considerations when determining whether or not a patient seeking care for sex addiction can be helped.