County Looks to Help Addicts Get Off Methadone by Providing Addiction Treatment

By Staff Writer

While methadone treatment has been shown to help heroin addicts stop abusing the dangerous illegal drug without having to go through the torments of detoxification, patients often eventually become dependent on the methadone itself. However, one community is trying to break this cycle.

The County Commissioners in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, recently restructured their contract with a healthcare provider that supplies methadone treatment to local Medicaid recipients, according to The new terms provide more options for these patients to seek inpatient addiction treatment services.

Current regulations in the county require methadone patients to attend regular counseling sessions, but one commissioner said that these meetings were insufficient to address all of the issues in an opiate addict’s life.

The news source reports that the new arrangement could be a win-win situation, as the county would save money by limiting the number of people they need to treat with methadone, while drug addicts could get their lives back on track more quickly.

Presently, about 20 percent of all heroin addicts receive methadone therapy, according to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.